I am from Odisha, currently living in bangalore, India. During the daytime, you may spot me chitchatting in real-world resources, sipping on tea, reading AI blogs, or pretending to get things done. At night, you can find me jamming to some EDM song on repeat, pushing data to Google Colab, or doing some interesting applied ML assignments. I am studying and practicing Exploratory Data Analysis, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning now. Yet, I don't consider myself an expert in anything because there is just so much more to learn and explore. Currently, I am interested in Data Science and Python Programming, working with big and small data and examining the social and cultural impacts of social media and digital communication.

I honestly still don't know what I'm doing with my life, but I am excited to see where Machine Learning will take me next.

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I am always looking for something fun and fabulous to do.

RPA developing

This is one of the latest techs. that I learned last year. I love to develop some interesting RPA with UiPath.

Applied ML

I am an avid reader and a keen observer, having a deep interest in data analysis, AI, machine learning and business.

Web developing/design

Along with programming and Data Science, I keep practicing my skill in web designing. I give my time to every new release on HTML, CSS, and JS.

Operating Systems

I have used some of the brilliant OS that are available in the market. I have a separate feeling for Ubuntu.

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